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You were right about one thing: I wanted you to have your best chance.

Time to shift the status quo.

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Name:Emma Swan
Birthdate:Sep 5
Location:Storybrooke, Maine, United States of America
We have to believe that she'll come back for us. We have to give her her best chance.


Emma Swan is a 28 year-old bail bondswoman from Boston. Abandoned at birth, Emma grew up in the foster care system. She has learned to rely only on herself, never letting anyone else get close enough to let her down. She takes a special pleasure in out-maneuvering skips on the job, and seems to prefer hauling them in by their ears.

When Emma was 18 years old she got pregnant and, knowing she was in no position to raise a child and wanting to give him the best chance possible, decided to give him up for adoption, which worked out okay for her, right up until the kid managed to track her down and drag her back with him to the Middle of Nowhere, Maine.

Okay, fine. Storybrooke.

During the ride, Henry tells her a seemingly outrageous story: everyone in Storybrooke is a fairy tale character trapped in time by the Evil Queen with no memory of who they truly are. He believes Emma is the long-lost daughter of Snow White & Prince Charming and that it is her destiny to free the enchanted inhabitants of Storybrooke.

She thinks he's got a hell of an imagination, but even Emma's got to admit Storybrooke's a pretty weird place, and that Henry seems like a good kid in a bad situation, so she sticks around.

Emma’s a skeptic with an uncanny knack—call it a "superpower”—for knowing when people are lying. She prefers skinny jeans, kneehigh flat boots, and brightly colored leather jackets, and always wears a necklace with a beaten silver circle pendant and a Pyrrha Swan Necklace. She's got a thing for bear claws and cinnamon on her hot chocolate, and if there's one thing she's good at, it's finding people.

Who does he think you are?
I'm not in the book.

Bio lifted partially from Emma is from Once Upon a Time, and is the property of ABC. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.

Emma enters from the end of Episode 1.04: "The Price of Gold." You can contact Emma or me here.

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